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How long can batteries be stored?

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  • How long can batteries be stored?

    I got R84001 cordless drill. I may not use it for a while. How long can the batteries be stored uncharged? By how much will the storage reduce their normal lifetime?

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    Your Operator's Manual covers the care of batteries when a tool is not used everyday. I have the R83001 and in my manual its on page 18, Lots of good stuff an pages 1-17 also.
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      Never store batteries uncharged. Always put a full charge on them before storage and depending on the storage temp (cooler is better) recharge every few months.

      Like BD says RTFM

      To obtain the longest possible battery life, we suggest the
      ■ Store and charge your batteries in a cool area.
      Temperatures below 50°F or above 100°F will shorten
      battery life.
      ■ Never store batteries in a discharged condition. Recharge
      them immediately after they are discharged.
      ■ All batteries gradually lose their charge. The higher the
      temperature the quicker they lose their charge. If you
      store your tool for long periods of time without using it,
      recharge the batteries every month or two. This practice
      will prolong battery life.

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        Do you know what is the Ahr number for the standard batteries that come with R84001 kit? That info is not in the manual.


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          Also your NiCad batteries will last longer if they are exercised. Use your tools once in awhile, make something or fix something or repair something. Using the tools is also good for the tool itself as it keeps things moving freely.

          If you are to be stationed away from home ask a trusted relative to use your tools once or twice while you are gone.
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            I was told by the Dewalt factory center that leaving your batteries stored somewhere for a year is far worse than using them day in and day out hard for a year. They are meant to be used.