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MS1250OLZ Lower Blade Guard

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  • MS1250OLZ Lower Blade Guard

    First time poster with a big problem! I just got my new 1250, set it up, followed all directions and have one major problem, it could be operator error so please be kind. Unless I'm almost to the wood the lower blade guard contacts the blade. I attempted to turn it on when it was in the upright position as that is how it is explained to use the lazer, when I did the blade hit the lower blade guard. After changing my shorts, I lowered the pivit arm till I saw the blade not making contact then did my cuts, however this does not seem right. Please Help!!

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    Check the gaurd mounting position. It should never touch the blade and in the full upright position it should start to open as soon as you start down with the arm. I don't have this saw but it sound like you have the gaurd turned and in the wrong mounting holes.
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      Thanks for the help, I took it back and exchanged it today after talking to the Rigid Rep. He said it was probably warped during shipping, the new one is up an working great.
      Thanks again