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Ridgid Grinder 8 amp

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  • Ridgid Grinder 8 amp

    What causes the motor to burn out?

    It smokes and it runs real slow.

    The Ontario California repair center said it wasn't worth fixing?!?!?!?

    Can I send it into Ridgid to get it repaired!

    Thanks you , Free

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    Could be any number of things but on a new machine most likely a breakdown of the insulation in a winding.
    Its under warranty so pick a more competent Ridgid authorized repair center and get it fixed. If that is the only one go back and tell them to fix it or if they cant repair it replace it. The repair expense is not your problem, that is between Ridgid and the authorized repair center


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      As I recall, the grinder is one of the tools that have the heavy duty, EML (Extended Motor Life) design that Ridgid heavily touted during their introduction:

      So, it would seem a bit strange if you did anything to damage it. It definitely sounds defective. In any case, it is covered under warranty, so ignore the idiot who told you it wasn't worth fixing!


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