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  • planer problem

    does anyone know if the infeed and outfeed rollers are designed to "float" somewhat?
    the parts list shows a spring mounted above each roller. My problem is, the right side of the infeed roller is about 1/16" higher than the left side now. If I insert a small board in the right side the griping difference causes the board to try and spin as it is fed through.
    Has anyone had this type of problem, and if so, is there a cure without toting this machine 100 miles to a repair center?


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    I've never had a problem like that. I would suggest taking it apart and cleaning real good. Probably have some wood chips causing it to hang up. Also inspect the springs real close and make sure one of them did not crack.
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      Thanks Papadan,
      Without the benifit of a shop manual, I have only the parts list in my owners manual as a reference. It sounds as though you have taken your planer apart before. Are there any "special" tools needed, like bearing pullers etc?
      Also, it looks as though the unit is dissembled from the top down, then the motor, then the blade roller houseing. Does that look about right to you? I also was a mechanic, but many years ago. I have no fear of taking this apart, as long as I down't get " stuck" in the middle without a special tool

      Thanks again for your help,
      Phil S