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Model 700 Pipe Threader

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  • Model 700 Pipe Threader

    My model 700 pipe threader has began giving off heavy arc from brushes and new brushes did not fix problem. Any one have a fix idea ?

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    From what you are telling me . you cleaned armature and put new brushes and it is still arching. when i change the brushes i run some sand paper on the brush end to rough it up. check your brush holders for any cracks, if the holders are cracked it will make it arch. if it still archs your armature might be bad. how does your field look,if it looks burnt then it probally is leaking and is bad. sometimes i find when the field is bad it makes the armature arch. a good repair will cost around 300.00. that is covering an armature(44055)with the bearings,a field(44070)and brushes(44815) cleaned,greased,and tested. where are you located. we have branches in youngstown, ohio,cicy oh,lancaster pa,st.louis,dearborn mich,atlanta,and chicago,and calif. any other info just email me or ask on the forum. good luck.....john.