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R2600 pad problem

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  • R2600 pad problem

    Hi gents, just purchased a r2600 to try at work. I loved the feel and apparent performance of the sander, but the finisher at our shop was not too impressed. We use hook/loop discs and the supplied pad on the sander has a pronounced concave shape. The sander left horrible rings all over the workpiece that only showed up after staining. The supplied PSA pad is truly flat and left a nice finish, but with 8 guys using various sanders all with velcro and very flat pads, the shop isn't interested in purchasing a full range of grits in PSA just for one guy.

    Why is there such a ridge around the velcro pads?(Try staining a piece of wood/ply and then sand the stain off with the 2600, it really shows the tracking/sanding pattern as the paper attempts to get down to the bare wood) Can I possibly get ahold of a flat pad that will fit the sander, accept hook and loop, perform with the brake? Ryobi?

    Thanks for any help.

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    I have a R2600 and no probs here. If you bought it from HD take it back, the have a 90 day satisfaction guarantee!


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      If you are running a production shop take back the wee 5" and get the 2610 6" I gaurentee you will love it. It has two different orbit patterns in one sander. It will orbit 1/4" for fast (and smooth) material removal the press a button and rotate the pad a 1/2 turn by hand and now the orbit is 1/8" for a glass finish.


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        Thanks for the tips guys,
        - I did buy it at HD, but the display model and the two in boxes that we looked at had the same bizarre concave shape to the hook and loop pads.
        - I'm just an employee, our shop does a lot of small part case goods, the 2610 is a bit big and we don't have money or space for air yet and the small RO sanders the shop supplies, Makita, Bosch, Dewalt, Porter Cable all seem to have some flaw that we just work with. I was just hoping the 2600 would be the new shop sander that didn't have a flaw.
        - I was just looking for a bit more help than the HD toolguy could give about finding out if replacement or after market pads all had the same flaw.

        - I've returned the sander and just bought a new pad (the 5th, bad brake design) for my dewalt. I'll keep a lookout at HD and here to see if the design changes so I can maybe go back to the 2600.

        Thanks again guys!