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240 vlt motor for TS2400?

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  • 240 vlt motor for TS2400?

    Eight months after purchase, the motor on my TS2400 table saw just fried. I can't wait the 1-2 months the service center would take to fix it, so am considering trashing it and replacing it with a 220/240 vlt, 14 amp motor (which would cost less than a replacement motor assembly from Ridgid). Has anyone done this, and have any suggestions? On the one motor I looked at, I'd be stepping down to 3,450 rpms from 4,000, so is that a problem?
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    The extra HP of the new motor will more than make up for the RPM decrease. Have you called Ridgid customer service at 1-866-539-1710, they may ship you a new motor since you are willing to install it yourself


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      No, I haven't talked to customer service at the general number, but have been in contact several times with the local Ridgid service center. They indicated that if I replaced the motor myself, I'd be violating the rest of my warranty, though I don't know if that makes any difference at this point. They did get some new brushes in for me, today. Didn't help a bit: still arcing all around the armature. I'm too discouraged to do anything more for a day or so, then will most likely get back in the saddle and see what might be best. Thanks for the response.
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        Well Ridgid has been shipping new arbors for the 3650 to be customer installed without voiding the warranty, don't see why this would be any different.
        Sounds like the armature is shorted, your repair center should have a tool called a 'growler' to test it.


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          They won't look at it for at least two weeks, maybe longer. Then would have to order new parts (motor), and said Ridgid isn't real quick about shipping warranty parts. That's why I'm thinking about just buying a new 240 vlt from a local dealer and installing it myself. Biggest problem is that I don't know how to remove the motor from my saw—do you? The fan seems to be press-fitted onto the shaft, and might need to be removed before I can access the next set of screws(?), which seem to attach the motor to the arbor assembly. I'm on a very limited income, so am doing as much as I can myself. (This saw was the most expensive tool I've ever purchased in my 40+ years of woodworking, and I really enjoyed it up until last week.) As it is, it'll be ice cube sandwiches for the next month (without the bread) to pay for a new motor....(grin)
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            CALL RIDGID! don't listen to some service shop on this. Let Ridgid handle it.
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