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    Will the dust collection system that mounts to the carriage on the TS3650 fit on the carriage of the TS2424 saw?
    It appears to be superior to the cabinet - bottom chute system that I'm presently using on my saw.

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    Don't know the answer, but since the 3650 is such a new design, would tend to doubt it.

    You should post this down in the "Give Your Tool Ideas" section. I would venture to say there are maybe thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people with old Ridgid and Craftsman saws who would scoop up a retrofit dust chute for their saws. After having spent much time trying to improve my old Craftsman, I can tell you, it's a frustrating effort.


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      To answer your question, NO, it will not fit without modifactions. And the effort to make it fit/work will not give you the results your looking for. A contractor's saw is not designed for supiorer dust collection. You'll have to live with that fact, and use a W/D vac and clean up after each use. Or let it build up.
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        See my response at your other post on this subject.
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