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    I just purchased a Ridgid 6" jointer that was a showroom model(appears to be like new and rarely used) but probably a couple of years old. It tends to make a high pitch whine when it runs...any suggestions what it may be?

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    It's a motor bearing. There is a post here somewheres where Ridgid replaced the motor when they use to do that, and it cured his same problem.

    Mine does the same thing if I let it set for a long period of time without use. Or in high humidity conditions. I got no response to Ridgid when I asked about mine. I'll just use till it quits, then replace it with the Shop Fox 8". Or if funds permit, the Grizzly 16"!
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      Check the belt tension and the pulleys. If the belt is a little loose, it will slip, causing the noise. If it's happened enough, the pulley will become glazed and even a new belt won't stop the squeal. Best bet then is to sand the puley to get rid of the glaze.

      There is no reason for a motor bearing to make noise when the unit first starts running. It would make that noise all the time and would not last long.

      Woody, the unit has a lifetime warranty, if the motor quits, I'd replace the motor, then sell it for something bigger. (a grizz 8x75 would be nice [img]smile.gif[/img] )


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        Well, the easiest thing to do is to take off the belt and just run the motor. Does it still make the noise? If so, it's the motor. If it isn't the motor I would check both pulleys and belt. It would seem to me(and I'm just guessing) that perhaps the belt is tensioned to tight. Let us know how you made out. Thanks!


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          Thanks everyone for the comments and help, over the next couple of days I will check things out and get back to you...once again thanks!


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            I also had bought a display that did the same thing. I got down to the motor,not pulley even and it made that noise you describe. I called cust. serv. and they wanted me to go to a service center. That would be over 3 hours one way ! I talked to a supervisor and they replaced the motor. It did that noise only sometimes in the early use, but after more use it became constant. I thought it was resonance or the sound of the blades like a variable pitch due to air flow because it was not all the time. The new motor has a date of 2000 ? My "old motor" is dated 2001? I wanted to see if it is the bearings and I placed oil into the bearing areas and the noise did stop. I do not know if that will last and I am going to replace it with the new motor. I hope it does not occur with the new motor over time. This tool gets very light duty, is in the garage and we have very low humidity, but I like the results of the jointer when I use it. Thank You customer service !


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              sorry it took so long to reply but i didn't want to until i had a 100% response as to what happened. i,ve had to wait a long time but i took my jointer to a service center and they replaced the was a motor bearing. thanks for the help out there and if anyone has any questions about my experience feel free to email me.