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  • Cordless drill selection

    I have been using a Blk & Decker 12 vlt drill for 4 yrs., problem is insufficient torque and battery life while drilling anything more than 6 holes with good bits in 2 x 4's. The Rigid dealer suggested that I buy the 12 vlt cordless Rigid "because it has significantly more torque than my old 12 Vlt"
    Will the 12 vlt volt Rigid model be enough of an improvement over the 12 Vlt B & D?
    2nd ? - alot of my time is spent cruising on my sailboat in the Carrib. and the drill is used quite a bit for wood and fibreglass work. Since I have in excess of 800Amp Hrs of 12 vlt batteries on the boat can I wire the drill directly into the boat system and is there a simple way to attach the wiring to the drill.? Mucho Gratias