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Broken Belt on thickness planer

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  • Broken Belt on thickness planer

    I purchased a thickness planer from HD at a discount because the belt was broken. I ordered the belt and I am have a hard time getting at the motor wheel to install it. Is this a repair I can handle on my own? If so, is there an easy way to do this? The manual give no instruction on this task. I bought it a year ago but the machine is brand new.

    Thanks for your help,

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    I bought my TP1300 at a discount for the same reason. The belt was broken. I bought one and do no recall that I had great difficulty putting it on. I burnt another one up today. I was planing some ash and the circuit breaker tripped. I failed to turn the planer off. When I reset the breakter, the motor spun up and burnt the belt because the blades were into the wood. It only took 2 seconds to burn it up. I am going to order 3 belts the next time. I cannot afford to be down for a week without a planer.

    My post is 3 months after you asked your question. Did you get the belt on?