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jpointer outfeed table won't move

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  • jpointer outfeed table won't move


    I'm wondering if anyone can help me with the following problem. I just set up my new RIDGID 6" jointer. Everything seems to work fine, except that I don't seem to be able to move the outfeed table. I loosened the little black holding screw on the back of the table but no matter what I try, the table won't move. The infeed table moves fine.

    Funny thing is, I just went back to the dealer (Home Depot) and tried it on the floor model. Same thing!! the outfeed table is stuck.

    I would think that I'm doing something wrong but then again, the Home Depot folks did not know what to say either.

    Can you help?

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    I am not an expert at any means, but take a look at pages 23-25 of the owners manual. This section describes how to adjust the out feed table and table extension. Looks like there are 2 hex hed screws that should be loosened along with the wing nuts.

    According to p25 of the manual you may need to loosen the gibs as well (then re tighten).

    Here is a link to the on-line manual:
    Jointer Manual

    Hope this helps

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      I'm wondering why you need to move the outfeed table. Are the blades not set right? On my jointer, the outfeed table and the blades were set perfectly from the factory. All I ever adjust is the infeed side.


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        Unless the table is tilted one way or another I would adjust the blades to the table.


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          Re: jpointer outfeed table won't move

          My outfeed table wont adjust either. Thanks for the information will try to loosen the hex nuts.


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            Re: jpointer outfeed table won't move

            Why would you want to adjust the outfeed table?