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    Well I returned the third hammer drill today and HD gave me my money but they would not honor the 20% on another brand. I am sure that I will spend some money at HD, however I will spend less. We have 3 HD,s and 3 Lowes all are next to each other. I know one of the Lowes managers very well and his store always out performs the others in his district. He always give me 10% off and I send a lot of my homebuyers to him for refridgerators, washers, and dryers and he always give them 10% off. I believe that the success of these stores rests with manager. Unfortunately his store is the most inconvenient to me.

    No more Ridgid and fewer $'s at HD for me.
    Good luck to all,


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      I have an x2 with the wobble also. But since it is lifetime warrranty I will wait until the problem is solved. The problem is the front bearings on all the ones I looked at. The shaft is moving in the bearing. I looked at the Milwaukee 1/2 in cordless on display and was surprised to see the same thing. The Makita version was perfectly solid. For me the battery replacement issue is most important, the replacement batteries are just too expensive on most brands.