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sparks from 18v drill and 3 year warranty off ebay?

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  • sparks from 18v drill and 3 year warranty off ebay?

    I just purchased the 3 pc combo 18 volt hammer drill off ebay, new, not refurbished. I noticed the drill has sparks coming from the motor. I have noticed sparks on other drills but not this much...what do the sparks come from and is it harmful to the drill? Also since i bought the drill off ebay, has anyone been able to get the 3 year warranty...or perhaps taken it to HD with any problems?

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    This is natural on any drill. it comes(i think)from the motor when it is connected to the power source.It does not harm your drill.

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      My drill has been sparking also. Today it stoped working all together. Home Depot sent me to a services center and told me that the switch shorted out the batt. He had a whole room full of ridgid drills waiting for parts. 1 to 4 weeks tell i get it back. I am not pleased.


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        Not trying to say anything about the workmanship of a chinese made product but this is one problem that will always be one of Ridgid's... and anyone that manufactures all of their tools in China..It will always take a long time to get parts and things over seas...Also Ridgid does need a grace period...they are just a year old now and are probally trying to build as much as they can...but that is just a bet.


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          I have used my hammer 18v drill i bought off ebay a lot lately and so far no problems at all, drives screws great, 3 inchers no problem...only things i dont like...heaviest drill in its class and you can feel it, and recharger fan will not turn off when a battery is on the charger, kind of annoying, but it works great..and the hard plastic cases on ebay for an 18 volt drill will fit the hammer drill...paid $20 for mine including ship.


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            I presume you are talking about the sparks on the motor brushes which would be common. Perhaps more so on a new tool as the brushes seat themselves on the armature. There should be no sparks from any other place, like the switch, unless it is seriously defective.

            As far as taking it to HD with a service problem, I think you would be out of luck, unless HD is selling on E-bay and that's how you bought it! Any warranty service would have to be done directly with Ridgid. Also, you should have gotten a warranty registration card with the tool.

            Big question I have though is how are Ridgid tools being sold on E-Bay? (Obviously, I haven't looked there.) My thinking is that HD has an exclusive agreement with Ridgid/TTI to sell these tools in the U.S. and if they are finding their way to E-bay, are they being purchased in Europe or Asia by the seller and then being sold on E-Bay? Reminds me of the cameral business a few years ago, when you had to be very careful when buying a good camera from those many retailers in the back of "Popular Photography", to make sure they included the U.S. warranty.




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              i bought the kit off ebay from a guy who said he received it as a was unopened and included the registration card, but you need a receipt to a home depot receipt. i think it was false advertising on the sellers part as he advertised it with a 3 year warranty although he couldnt have known it needed a receipt without opening the box.


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                That doesn't sound right to me. If thats true, then everyone who receives a tool as a gift wouldn't be able to register that tool. Usually, when someone gives a gift, they don't incluse the receipt as part of the gift. I've never done it at the Ridgid website but other mfgs. have online registration and all thats required is the serial number.
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                  So, this was a re-sale item then? I think if you read your warranty statement (in the back of the manual, it states, under "What is not covered": "This warranty applies to the original purchaser at retail and may not be transferred."

                  Under "How to obtain service", it states "you must present the proof of purchase documentation, which includes a date of purchase."

                  So it looks to me like you would have great difficulty trying to get warranty service of any kind on something you bought "second hand" from E-Bay.

                  Badger Dave,

                  If you give or receive a present like this, make sure you get the receipt! Otherwise, any warranty claim would be a challenge, I would think. Also, registration of the product is not necessarily warranty registration anymore.(Although it sure used to be!) Today, it is mostly a way to track new customers for marketing and safety recall purposes. Even if you are registered, I'm sure they would still demand a proof of purchase date (that receipt) if you ask for warranty service.

                  Sorry for your misfortune,


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                    so what do you guys think I should do, the drill is working fine now, but in three years it may not be, and for almost $50 more dollars I could have gotten it from the depot and had a legit 3 year warranty. I would hope the guy who sold it to me did not know you had to basically have a Home Depot receipt to get the warranty, but I do feel mislead. is it worth the hassle to try and get a refund from this guy, or to be extra gentle with it the next 3 years...


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                      Well, first I'd try to get the receipt from him. That may possibly help if you go after warranty work. (Could it have been a present from some long lost cousin of yours? ) While you are having this conversation with him, just be up front and tell him the truth about the warranty situation and see if he offers to take it back; that is, if that's what you want. You can also determine if the fellow was already aware of that and he really was trying to be deceptive.

                      All that aside, the tool was probably a good buy if you saved yourself $50. Just don't be upset if you find yourself in need of warranty service somewhere down the road and your quest for a bargain poses a challenge. When you buy something used, with the idea of saving yourself a few bucks, you are lucky if it proves to be a real bargain.

                      If you don't abuse the tool (running it until it gets too hot, leaving it out in the weather, or throwing it around), it should last a long time. Batteries are something else though and they will have to be replaced every couple of years or so, depending on how often they are used (the more the better).

                      Personally, I've never had a power tool that I have had to make a warranty claim on. While I'm not in the trades, I do build a few things every now and then and I do all the maintenance on our home. My oldest power tool is a Sears' Companion 1/4-inch, corded drill that I bought in 1968 for about $8. It has solid bronze bushings instead of ball or needle bearings and thus requires a little oil on occasion. It has been used quite a bit for things appropriate to its size and it still works as well today as it did when new! So, treated properly, any half-way decent tool will last a long, long time.


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