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Similarities between Jointech and Incra?

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  • Similarities between Jointech and Incra?

    Saw a post somewhere on this bbs about router fences, and read it as I am getting ready to build a router table and want to put a nice fence system on it. A reply directed the poster to look at Jointech. Since I had never heard of them I did too.

    What I found was that Jointech has a lot of similarities to Incra, specifically the new Incra LS positioner. So many similarities, in fact, that I am wondering if the two companies are related or have some kind of cross-licensing agreement. Anybody know?

    Because I found reviews of the Jointech Lead-Screw positioner dating back to at least 1999 or 2001, and I am pretty sure the Incra LS came out last year, I'm assuming that Jointech was first with it. Am I right?

    Also, recommendations for router fences in general (needn't be Jointech or Incra) are solicited and welcome.

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    I've read that Jointech was first, and that Incra copied it, but I don't know this as fact. I've sure been impressed by Jointech whenever they're at a WWing show.