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Anyone with a 1250LZ 12" miter saw? Clamp problem

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  • Anyone with a 1250LZ 12" miter saw? Clamp problem

    I am a new owner of a 1250LZ miter saw. It was a Christmas present (but I had done some checking and was able to pick out the one I wanted).

    The only thing about the saw that bothers me is that the hold down clamp seems very loose where it mounts on the table. The pin attached to the clamp is tapered, but the hole on the saw is straight, so the clamp wobbles. When I tighten the wood against the fence, it starts to raise up slightly.

    Is this correct? I checked another 1250lz unit at Home Depot and it was the same, but it seems odd to me that it would be designed that way. HD DID have a 1065LZ on display. The clamp from it fits perfectly on the 1250. I noticed that on the 1065, the peg is straight for about 5/8", then it tapers down. On the 1250, the pin tapers the whole way.

    I'm trying to find other owners of the 1250lz to see if everyone has the same issue.

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    Just play with it!!!

    I've got the pre-lazer model & that clamp is sweet! You'll find that in use, it holds most every thing down w/out any problems. Small stuff can get a bit tricky, but I hardly ever need to use additional clamps beyond the table one.


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      I just purchased the 1250LZ miter saw and the clamp is rather loose before tightening, but who cares. Once tightened down on the medium, mine doesn't move. I dunno, maybe I don't understand your problem.


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        The effect I'm seeing is that because the pin is loose, the handle end of the clamp "sags" downward. Then the metal plate on the face of the clamp is not pushing straight toward the fence, it's pushing upward slightly. On a 2x4, as I tighten the clamp, the front of the wood will raise up slightly (1/8" or so). On a bevel it would mess up your cut angle.

        I guess part of the issue I have is that the 10", which uses the same size clamp, fits perfectly. The pin threaded on the clamp is only tapered partly, the main section of it is straight. I'm wondering if they accidentially put the wrong piece on the clamp.


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          Mike O'Donnell, yep, I just double checked and it is doing exactly what you are saying. Every time I tighten it, it pushes it up about 1/8". That wiil definatly cause a prob when doing finish work. I am going to call Ridgid tomorrow and let you know how I make out. It looks like that tapered pin can easily be replaced.


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            Well, called Ridgid today to notify them of this problem and I get a recording stating "due to inclimate weather, we are closed today". Must be a heck of a storm to close down Ridgid.


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              The clamp on the 10" saw fits the 1250 perfectly. All they'd have to do is swap out the peg.

              Let me know what you find out. I'll try calling them today or tomorrow also; maybe if they start getting enough calls they'll do something about it.


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                Again, I get a recording stating "due to inclimate weather, we are closed today". It is now Tuesday. This saw is halfway back to HD for a refund.


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                  Hi Guys,

                  I just bought this saw, but did not verify yet that I have the same problem (I am pretty sure I will confirm though, as I saw what you meant by the different pin between the 10" and 12" at the store).

                  Have you got any news from Ridgid on this topic?