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Craftsman 10" RAS

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  • Craftsman 10" RAS

    What would be a fair price to pay for a 12 year old Craftsman 10" RAS? I have not looked at it but am planning on inspeceting it. Over the phone the seller claims the saw was bought second hand from someone that seldom used it. The person trying to sell it claims he only used it several times. Said it needs some adjustment to line the blade up. He is asking 250.00.

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    $250 would in my opinion be towards the high end of the scale. So much depends on what shape the saw is in and what comes with it. If you're not familiar with RAS's, bring someone with you who is to verify that the adjustments needed are only minor ones.
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      depends on the model, if it is the open leg metal stand type I think 250 is a bit high, If it is like mine 220V cabinetmakers series its a bargan.
      Keep in mind if it has the old style open bottomed blade gaurd there is a recall that will get you a new table and blade gaurd for free