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6" ROS brake system

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  • 6" ROS brake system

    I bought the Ridgid 2610 ROS, and found that the brake system did not slow the pad, in fact the pad continued to accelerate the longer it was off of the sanding surface. After about twenty minutes of use, and several gouges in the work surface, I returned/exchanged the unit for a new tool, and find the same problem, essentially no braking or slowing of the pad when the sander is removed from the surface. This second unit is not quite as bad as the first, in that it doesn't accelerate when removed from the surface, but it doesn't slow down either, and it still cuts into the surface when putting the tool back down.
    Are there any user-adjustments that can be made to the braking system?

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    If there were adjustments, that information would readily be available in the manual that came with the unit.
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