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  • Reconditioned Miter Saw

    I purchased a 12" Miter Saw with stand and laser on Christmas Eve. It was supposed to be my present from my wife. My wife and I both were laid off over a year ago. After setting it up and falling in love with it we did the check book thing and saw we could not afford it. I took it back with a lump in my throat the day after Christmas and HD gave me a full refund no questions asked.

    Well after this sob story I just wanted to know if there is a place that sells reconditioned or used Ridgid miter saws? I am saving what ever I can making barn side frames and furniture, (boy could the miter saw help), and playing the blues at local watering holes. I want to replace the saw but need one alot less expensive. I watch ebay but after s&h they are almost as expensive as a new one. I am keeping an eye on the pawn shops in the area, but they act as if they are all antiques or once used by Bob Vella.

    Hey any suggestions are appreciated.