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18V X 2 Gear noise?

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  • 18V X 2 Gear noise?

    I just bought a new 18V X2 cordless drill and the first thing I noticed is the noise (like gears grinding) this thing makes when you let go of the trigger when you are not drilling anything. Just holding it and pressing the trigger and letting go you get this noise. Does anyone know if this is normal or do I have a defective one?

    Any information will be appreciated.

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    Welcome. I believe what you are describing is just the brake doing its job. If you do a search for drill noise, chuck clank etc. you'll probably have more to read than you care too. I wouldn't worry about it, use it you have the 90 days to decide if you like it or if you can wear it out.


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      BAC I experienced the same problem with my 18v X2. It was part of the 3pc. combo, it sounded like rubbing or slight grinding, I went to HD and exchanged it the next day. My new one is great! Solid as a rock, and no crazy noise, I would reccomend you to do the same. They shouldn't give you any heat. Good Luck!
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        Thanks for the information. I think I'll try to exchange it for another one. I do not like the sound of the thing even if it is normal. Maybe the store will let me try the new one before I leave the store.

        Again thanks for the help