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  • TS3650 Tenoning Jig

    Hi All. I bought my saw about 6 months ago and have been quite pleased with its performance. However, I am now getting into more detailed woodworking and decided to purchase a tenoning jig. The one I purchased was a Delta and while I'm excited about using it, I just can't seem to get it to fit properly as the distance from the miter slot is either too close or two far depending on the location of the guide on the jig (there are only two settings about an inch apart). Now while this is not ideal, it is workable - just forget about using the scale on the jig and you are now reducing the capacity of the available width you can work with by about 1/2". Also somewhat problematic is that the T-miter slot is too deep on the saw which has necessitated loosening the guide wheels on the jig resulting in a very minute play in the guide. Again, workable, but it means adjusting the darn jig everytime you go to use it.

    Does anyone know of a tenoning jig designed to work with this saw?


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    Thanks for all the help everyone! I love craftsman hand tools and have had the same set for 15 years HEAVILY used. No problems. My Craftsman cordless drill will probably last forever- but batteries are way to hard to find after they die as well as cost 69 bucks for an aftermarket replacement. I've also heard that Craftsman re-vals the cordless line every 3 years or so and the batteries are hard to find with the line changes.


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      Originally posted by skipb:
      Does anyone know of a tenoning jig designed to work with this saw? Thanks!...Skip
      Others have had the same problem. Don't remember what they did, but have you considered making your own? Just about every table saw book has plans for a tenoning jig. Might want to check the local library.
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