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    I have no problem obtaining parts and parts list and great tech help on threading eq. and drain eq. so i wanted to obtain a parts list for one of the woodworking tools. so i called tech help and they gave a # in s.carolina. the lady told me i would have to order from her.what i am getting at is most of the other tool manu. you call and they have parts and list and every thing you need from one location. i am used to this way of opp.ex. i can call portercable and get delta parts orderd for me . why cant i call ridgid and order any part for a tool with the ridge name on it from ridge in ohio. you might as well make HD a waranty center and have them stock parts. my regrets to all the tool mechs. and the woodworking pros on this site, ther are a bunch of intellagent people on this site. it needs to be centralized!

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    hey brandman or some one with the answer to what i had to say please reply.


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      all manuals are available for the power tools on the web site. The group in South Carolina, as you mentioned is specifically trained to support, diagnose, and assist you with power tool issues. They are experts, where as the tech service group inside of Ridge Tool specializes on hand tools, pipe threading, drain cleaning and propress. We do not expect nor recognize any one tech service group to know everything about all products. Especially in a catalog a broad as ours. The other manufacturers that you mentioned don't have catalogs as deep as ours - so it only makes sense from an effectivness view point to decentralize.

      It may not seem fully centralized to you - but it is as centralized as most other tool manufacturers are. Most importantly - you are talking to people here in the states, not overseas. Which is an alternative that most companies are going to to keep things centralized.

      The biggest advantage of our south carolina facility for tech support is that they have the products on hand, remote head sets, and can physically look at the same tool as you have and walk you throuh a problem. Unfortunatly, we don't have that ability as of yet here in our facility that you made mention of in Ohio.


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        That facility in SC is the Ryobi facility, right.
        So Ryobi is doing customer service.
        Only are more.


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          It is the TTi, Techtronic's Industries corporate offices. The manufacuting is at another facility close buy. RIDGID is one of many brands serviced out of a well developed call center there.