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Question about Drywall removal

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  • Question about Drywall removal

    I'm a Home Depot Hardware worker and our store has been supplying a large area with Hurricane related tools etc. for flooded homes.. Naturally we've been running out of all the popular tools but are starting to get restocked..I had a contractor looking for a drywall saw...Our store does not stock them and his job is too large for a hand drywall saw. My rep was there and offered a skill saw and the man said no because it doesn't get close enough to corners.. I came up with the idea of using a small hand grinder..He purchased the grinder..Can you think of any other tool that would do better "in a pinch" than a grinder?

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    I'm trying to imagine a grinder.
    All the dry wallers around here use a router without a base and tip guided bit, laminate router and tip guided bit, a Roto tool and dry wall bit or dremel and dry wall bit.

    I would be real worried about a contractor that didn't know this since it has been done this way for years.
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