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  • Cordless Jig Saw

    Not happy with the Grizzly jig saw I bought and was wondering if anyone had an opinion on the Ryobi 18 volt cordless jig saw? Or any other for that matter?

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    I love my Bosch corded jig saw. They have awesome jig saws. I have never used the new Ridgid corded jig saw but it looks like a good one. My Bosch is really accurate and easy to change blades and they have made it even easier since I got mine. Check them out. Most people will tell you that Bosch is THE name for jig saws.


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      The name of the game when it comes to sawing wood or metal is "power". Unlike a corded saw where the power level stays constand, with a cordless saw you immediately start to loose power as soon as you pull the trigger and the tools performance goes downhill from there. For that simple reason, I choose corded tools over cordless almost exclusively with the possible exception of the drill/driver.

      I've had a Freud FJ-85 jigsaw for a number of years now and have been extremely pleased with it. I've used the Bosch jigsaw and found it to be a great jigsaw but quite honestly I think the Freud is its equal. To get all the features the Freud offers for around $110 you'd have to jump up to the new Bosch model that sells for about $170.
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        Dana---quite honestly, save up your money. There are basically two grades of jig saw---As Badger Dave mentioned, power is one consideration---but quality of the mechanics is another. I'd spent what I considered good money on a corded jig saw---under $100 and hated it. It vibrated so much, making a cut was a challange----in some cases a coping saw was better. Then, I stepped up to my current Porter Cable----about $180 and what a world of difference----it's much easier to control and the fact it only takes the beefier Bosch blades, greatly resduces blade breakage and bending.

        I haven't looked at the Freud, but the Bosch is impressive.


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          I have a Bosch cordless jigsaw,which I bought as part of a combo kit,and also a Bosch 1587 corded jigsaw,which I love.
          I have only had the Bosch cordless for about a month,but I found the saw worked about as well as my corded 1587,and the blade change is much easier. You can't go wrong with a Bosch jigsaw,and the Bosch cordless is a winner.
          Stay away from the consumer brands (Black & Decker,Skil,Ryobi) if possible. I had a Black and Decker and I found it was not worth the space it took up.
          The Bosch cordless (stand alone) is in the $200+ range,and it is cheaper to get it in a combo if possible.
          You get what you pay for. Good Luck.


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            As much as I like cordless tools, a jigsaw is one tool that needs to be corded. It needs to be precise and operate at the speed you need it to for as long as it takes to make the cut. There is no cutting 2x4s in half like a cordless trim saw.

            The Bosch saw is at the top of the game. I have the 1587 and love it. I paid $159 for mine, but you can get it now for around $120 and the new one can be had for about $170. In all, I can't think of anything I would change. Blade changes are a snap, the foot stays straight, it cuts where I want and the speed control is fantastic.

            If you need a coirdless for a job site, I would just go with whatever other brand of drill you have as at least the batteries are interchangeable.


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              I have a Bosch 18v jigsaw and it has no trouble with 2 by. It has the same feel and control as my Bosch 1587. The only thing I do not have is a cord to worry about getting hung up on.
              If I was doing heavy work constantly,the corded Bosch would be more Practical,but for somebody who dosen't use their jigsaw daily,the cordless can't be beat.
              I agree with the previous writer in that the Bosch 1587 is a great jigsaw.