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Dovetail jig advice please!!!

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  • Dovetail jig advice please!!!

    Maybe I want the impossible but I'm really tired of screwin' around with dovetail jigs. I tried a Vermont American that was junk. Then I spent about twice as much for a Jet and it was junk too. Then I doubled the price again for a Porter Cable. It wasn't junk but it was very hard to set up and use. I don't want to spend 45 minutes doing setup every time I want to join a drawer. Nor do I want to waste tons of lumber on trial joints. Does anyone make a dovetail jig that self-aligns when you place the drawer sides in it? If not, what's the easiest one to use?

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    Having also wasted my money on a Vermont American jig, I'll try to answer your question, but you won't like it.

    There are any number of jigs that are good. Go to a good-sized woodworking show and you'll see at least 3-4 different types being demoed. But the point is, they look so easy because that's all the guy does day and night. I think you have to gauge the time against how long it would take you to cut them by hand.

    I think if you go back and read your instructions and do some practicing, you'll get the results you want. I have the Leigh, with the big advantage being it's versitility in that you can cut all types of dovetails without having to buy different templates. They are also great in that they have one of the most complete instruction manuals, with places to record settings for easy reference. Just my experience.


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      Thanks Dave, Any opinion on the Akeda?


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        Haven't looked at it in great detail. You might see if they'll send you any material. Also, find Leigh's web site. I think you can request a brouchure and video, which are pretty interesting.