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Makita 6347 for $99 - Better than $99 Rigid 84001?

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  • Makita 6347 for $99 - Better than $99 Rigid 84001?

    As I posted earlier, I bought the Rigid 84001 18v from HD for $99. Now I see an ad for ACE after rebate Makita 6347 for only $99. They are about the same power, the Makita has 400 lb of torque instead of 460 and is a bit lighter. The big difference is the Makita uses NIMH batteries instead of NiCad.

    I was just wondering what people thought. Should I make the switch or just keep what I have? My dad has a 12 volt Makita that has like 280 lb of torque yet drives through anything. That's my only experience with Makita, but it's been a great one.


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    If you don't use the drill on a daily basis then I'd go with the Ridgid because of the additional 15% more torque. The longer run time of the Makita batteries would be a plus if you use the drill daily.
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      And, again, the Ridgid has the LSA, so you won't need to worry about future costs of batteries and such.


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        Tough Choice, I recently received a 6337 “freebie” with the purchase of a 6935 impact driver and although it is the smaller brother to the one you are contemplating I will have to say that family of drills are nice, they fit my hand nicely and are well balanced. I am not a fan of two-piece chucks but I have yet to use two hands to tighten or loosen the two-piece chuck on the Makita. Another distinction of this drill is the switch from drill to driver, at first it was hard to toggle but appears to be loosening up with use and becoming more user friendly. I had a short opportunity to tryout the 12V Ridgid model in the same family that you are considering and I couldn’t find anything to complain about. I would probably choose the Makita just because I have had real good service from their products in the past, either way you really can’t make a bad decision.

        Good luck