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14.4 Impact Driver Owners Please Reply

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  • 14.4 Impact Driver Owners Please Reply

    Please review your 14.4 impact driver here. Comments or opinions. I'm thinking about purchasing one for a loyal worker who I have furnished other Ridgid tools and we have been lucky with no issues. I have used the Milwaukee 14.4 impact driver with happy results.

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    Attention all impact buyers!!

    If you want to invest in a Impact, you buy Makita's Impacts. They have been making them since 1988. They have over 65 cordless impacts. And they keep coming out with new ones each month. They just made one for the use on F-16's and other aircrafts.
    I have 3 for myself. I have a 12v(6914DWAE), 14volt(6908) and a 24volt for my tires.
    Like I said buy the Makita's "HANDS DOWN"


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      I'll agree with that. Makita is the leader when it comes to impact drivers and wrenches. I've owned Dewalt also. Using my tools daily at work, Makitas are the ones that last and perform the best.

      But too bad we don't get what they get in Japan:

      My very best Makitas have all been stamped "Made in Japan". Not that the others are bad at all, being still better than other brands, just the ones from Japan seem to be the very best.

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        Those are pretty cool. The only things I'm seeing externally are the housing of course, and the Lithium-Ion batteries. 3.0Ah are available for us already. Wonder if those have the D-28R motor and if schematics are available for download (translated of course)?

        For some reason ppl are/were having difficulties getting impact drivers for a long time. I've had(and whole heartedly recommend) this one for almost a YEAR now. Pretty sure I bought it in June last year.
        and also was sent this before christmas, for free, as a rebate with purchase of 6935FDWDE
        Not bad for a little over 2 bills . Pretty sure that promo is over now .

        Everyone needs to get to there distributor sales(where I learned of it) to see this thing go... 103.3 ft-lbs of torque..weeee!


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          6935FDWDE is a very nice impact by makita.
          If you buy one of those now you can get a free 14v drill model number 6337DWDE free in the case. Have to buy if from the home depot at the pro desk. The kit is $229.00


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            Also agree that the makita is about the best out there, i own 1, also have the ridgid 14.4 no complaints yet, but i do know that all the hell i put my makita thru, it is still working just fine, replaced the batteries a few times, but the short life of the batteries are maybe my fault with bad charging habits,bought it in 2001 and still going strong, but keep in mind that i have had the ridgid a short period of time.

            Just my opinion


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              Originally posted by packers:
              6935FDWDE is a very nice impact by makita.
              If you buy one of those now you can get a free 14v drill model number 6337DWDE free in the case. Have to buy if from the home depot at the pro desk. The kit is $229.00
              You are almost right, you don't have to buy it through the Pro Desk. Atleast not at my store. Just get the tear pad sheet that should be right next to the display and mail it in. Oh yeah, and don't forget to send in the upc code too.

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                I never met a cordless impact i liked, but it has been a while since I looked at them. Will give the makita's a look!


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                  Does anyone have any experience with the Bosch line; this may be one of those deals that are too good to pass up.




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                    You were wondering about the bosch is to answer your questions...Here is that bosch specs that you want:
                    * (2) -- 2.0A-h Batteries - BAT049 (they are Ni-Cd, not nickel metal like Makita's, 2.6 ah so you have more run time between charges)

                    (1) -- 1-Hour Charger - BC004 (if the batteies is cool)
                    * (1) -- Tool Hook - IMPKHOOK (plastic hook on drill, breaks real easy)

                    Model Number:23612

                    Torque (in. lbs.):1,050 (max output, Makita's 12v has that as well for their max. They rate their max as feasable as everyone else rates theirs as blow up torgue. Makita's 12v has 1,110 lbs plus some)

                    Weight (lbs.):3.7 lbs. (including battery)....Makita' is 3.5lbs.
                    RPM (loaded):0-2,800 (same)
                    Impact Rate:0-3,200 (same)
                    Battery/Charger:1-Hour Charger
                    Drive:1/4" Hex
                    Length:6.5 in. (Makita 6 3/8)

                    If you want a 12v impact,
                    You want the 6980FDWDE by Makita check it out:



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                      I have a Dewalt 14.4,great power,but poor low speed control. I have used the Makita and found it excellent.
                      I bought a Dewalt because I have about 20 Dewalt batteries and Chargers.


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                        I bought the R82320 about 2 months ago and have used it a fair bit now. The gun has excellent speed control, allows slow speed for starting screws and high speed to sink them until they require enough torque for the hammer action to start. The impacts take a bit of getting used to (about 5 screws) and then you will never use your drill to drive deck screws again. I had the oppertunity to use the gun a the neighbours for some automotive duty. He lent his compressor out and mine is 220V so I thought ... lets test the 120 Ft LB torque rating. We had to chage the exhaust on an 2002 TA - WS6 without cutting it which requires dropping the rear end. I was very impressed. Even though there was no rust, the bolts came out as quick as using my CH pro air gun. My only concerns were with the battery. You only get one and it is not a Max HC. The kit should come with 2 batteries, and the case should be built with the ability to house the extra size of the MAX HC batteries

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