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  • Cold Heat Soldering tool

    OK people, this may sound crazy, but I am kind of a geek for gadgets. Most of you have probably seen the TV comercials for the Cold Heat soldering iron. Instant 800 degree heat and instant cool tip. here is a link to their web site. I have been putting off some repairs until I had enough to do to be worth getting out my gear.. I just soldered a new plug onto my inverter, changed the capacitor in my Cobra, and repaired a cracked PC board in my Grandsons boombox. Right here at my computer desk. Took 15 minutes to open up all the cases, 4 minutes to do all the soldering, and 18 minutes to put all the cases back together. Everything works perfect. The tip of the soldering tool never got hot away from the circuits. The way this thing works is with a hard carbon split tip. when touched to the solder or joint the tools circuit is completed by the solder and the solder is the weakest link in the circuit and instantly melts the solder. It uses 4 AA batteries. Comes with one chisel tip and a carry case. There are additional tips available on their web site. Before ordering one of these tools from the web site and paying shipping charges, I will tell you that Walgreens drug stores carry them for the same $19.95. I had just ordered one and it was going to be 6 - 8 weeks for delivery. I then found it a Walgreens and bought one there to try and if it did not work I would have cancelled my original order. Now when it arrives I will have one in my truck and one in the house. biggrin.gif The replacement tips are $9.95 each but I don't know how long they last. I just soldered 23 joints and can not tell that it has been used. Pick one up at Walgreens and try it out. I am sure you will like it. Oh Yea, NO I am not affiliated with Walgreens or ColdHeat, just ahobbiest like most of you. LOL
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    I sold a boatload of these so far at the BOB and have more on order. My wife and I both do computer repair at home so we bought one in December. I love it so far.


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      Good to hear papa, my dad has one of those things and his doesnt work all that well. He's been an electronics tech for over 30 years and is well familiar with soldering irons. Anyway he bought one and found out there's a small electrode in the tip which has to make perfect contact with what you're soldering. Guess maybe he got a bad one.