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DEFECT: Charger-red-LED keeps flashing

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  • DEFECT: Charger-red-LED keeps flashing

    Dear Brandman,
    Cordless drill 14.4V, 83001. Charged the first battery, charger red-LED was still flashing after 5 hours, green-LED was off, so I unplugged.
    Manual: Red-LED keeps flashing longer than 90 minutes means Thermistor problem, or battery is damaged.
    Dissapointed, I got defective product, I'm thinking about returning.
    What do you think?


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    No brainer, return it for another one. You're well within HD's 90 day return policy so you don't even have to deal with anyone else other than HD. As many as they produced, there's bound to be a bad one here and there. Its too bad you got a bad one but somebody has to get em.
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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      Dear friends,
      Just exchanged the cordless drill.
      I found that the new one has a cable-tie I had to cut before opening the case. The defective one didn't have that, it might be an opened and returned merchandise.
      Now, charging the first battery. lets see!


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        While I'm not familiar with the Ridgid charger in particular, most "rapid chargers" for NiCad cells are pretty much alike.

        The charger should not attempt to bulk charge the battery if the battery temperature is too high, or if the battery voltage is too low. In general, when they sense either condition, the charge puts the battery on a slow charge for a defined period of time, during which it is expected either to cool down or raise its internal resistance, in which case the bulk charge routine will commence automatically. If, however, the conditions do not clear themselves within the defined time, this usually means that the battery is defective -- most likely a shorted cell -- and the charger refuses to proceed.

        My guess is that in the case mentioned, it was the battery that was bad, not the charger.