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Potential Charger Problem

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  • Potential Charger Problem

    I'm wondering how the charger will react this summer, because I put a battery on to charge after some average use and the red light kept blinking. After 20 minutes of blinking I put it in the freezer. The manual says it won't begin charging until the battery cools to 104 degrees
    104 degrees???? That's about the average summertime temp. What happens when it's between 105-112? The battery will never cool down? Do I put it in my cooler for 20 minutes? The manual also says if it doesn't cool in 90 minutes, then the battery is bad. 90 minutes?? That doesn't do much justice to this quote- "With the RIDGID Rapid Max charging system you will never be without power." My 90 days will be up way before it start's cooking in Vegas, so what will Ridgid do for me when I can't charge the batteries. Will you modify the charger. I never have that problem with the Dewalt charger.

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    San Antonio gets a little warm also.

    I've had a battery hesitate to charge a few times.

    I hope you at least find a shady spot to charge at.

    Make some shade if you have to.


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      Originally posted by kram:
      I never have that problem with the Dewalt charger.
      i see your problem, however the fact that the DeWalt charger doesn't wait until the batter is cool may adversly effect battery life. A coworkers son is a contractor and he has a pile of useless DeWalt batteries.


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        Caspian- I have seven useless DeWalt batteries..but hey thats part of life...the drills still work fine..but cost $65 a battery every other year..and that why I bought Ridgid.....heat kills batteries, but Ridgid should have thought of roofers in Arizona who are 118 degree weather if 100 degrees on concrete...I hope your Vegas Dilima gets solved especially all my buds in Florida will have the same issues...

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          Hey , just reading what you guys are saying about the batteries in hot heat weather have you notice that Ridged did put small holes in the bottom of the pack I think that this is the best I deal yet.


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            Hey paul. You ever rebuild your batteries. I heard that batteries plus can rebuild batteries for bout half the price of new ones.



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              I work in Maine and I have noticed a couple problems in my charger. Sometimnes when I plug the charger in when its cold, the fan seems to drag. One other time it was too cold to charge and the red light stayed on, put the charger and battery in a running truck with heater on and it charged fine. Another thing that I have noticed in the last couple of days is when I plug the charger in there has been a loud electrical snap coming from inside of the charger, anybody else had these problems? they don't seem to be serious but kind of makes you wonder on the durability.


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                I inquired into it...and its not worth the effort to rebuild...I'll let my nephew worry about it..he has all the old DeWalt..which make decent tools....I'm fairly satisfied with everything else...I'm in Colorado where the weather is fairly nice...45 winter...79 summer...
                Besides I do so much tear out...the best tool I have is a Milwaukee super sawzalll...which I think everyone should own....

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