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  • I know its not a TS

    I just picked up the r3200 circular saw. Its first job is cutting stair stringers out of pressure treated 2x12's they are still a bit damp of course, you have to give a new tool a challenge!
    I'll let you know how it does. Out of the box the saw looks good, blade square to base, no runout, and even a decent combo blade. Oh yeah and a HARD CASE to store it in. Sorry couldn't resist with all the bag chatter here.
    Ready to cut it up,

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    Well I said I would tell you all what I thought of the saw so here goes.
    I cut up those wet pressure treated 2 x 12's like it was nothing, never faltered.It is a comfortable saw to use. A bit heavy though, it would get heavy if you were cutting a bunch of rafter tails off with it.
    So after the first use it seems to be a solid performer.
    Only time will tell.