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    Have you tried calling Ridgid Customer service 1-800-4-RIDGID, not sure what you would need to dial from there. They may send you the parts


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      I had a co-worker that sometimes braged about how many tools he wore out. After using some of the company tools after he did I knew he was missusing them. He took a brand new bandsaw blade and in one hour it was trash! He also has a ridgid combo and has been trying to sell the onther he bought a while ago. I wouldn't buy andy used tool from him since it is probably on its last leg anyway. As for my Chuck problem it was my stupid mistake and it took only a few seconds to do. I had be using a step bit to drill through metal and I went to far into the stud opening and the chuck brushed the edge's of the larger hole and then started to make a whining noise. I pulled the drill out and realized the chuck sleeve was just spingin freely. with the use of some visegrips and a bruised thumb i got the 60 dollar bit our of my drill. In a few days i went to the service center and in five miniutes it was fixed. I have had no problems with it since. It will drill through metal and drive tex screws through unastrut without problems.
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