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Does anyone know how to align a TP1300?

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  • Does anyone know how to align a TP1300?

    The cutting head on my planer is not parallel with the deck. When I crank the adjustment wheel I also get a "poping" sound which leads me to believe that the left and right sides are not traveling at the same rate.

    Does anyone know how to adjust or calibrate the tool?

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    I can't help you, I would take it to one of the service center listed in LA. Go to the main page under cs.
    Good luck,


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      I believe there is a chain under the planer that connecte the 2 jack screws disconnect it and align the head then reconnect the chain. bill


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        Thanks for the information. Do you think that the cutter head should be adjusted at a certain height or should it be extended to one of the limits (min/max)?

        I seems that if the cutter head were placed all the way down, then it would be level with the deck, then all I would have to do is tighten everything up and reconnect the chain.

        Is this correct?


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          sorry hadnt seen your post for a while. I dont think that thaing the head all the way up or dowm will guarntee that the head is parallel (one thread more or less on the carage can throw it off) you need a known thickness piece to work off to get it right bill


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            boy does my typing suck tonight !!!