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  • TS 3650 outfeed table

    Hi everyone-
    I have a 3650 and I'd like to add a hinged outfeed table to my saw to help in ripping down large sheetgoods. I have seen some posts in the past about an outfeed table for the 3612 (with the webbed wings) but not for the 3650. Does anyone have any plans or even pictures for a table that was installed on a 3650?

    I've tried e-mailing the people who posted pictures for the 3612 extension table, but the e-mail was bounced back to me.


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    For my 3612, I built the ones that Wood Magazine sells the plans for. It originally had a steel bar with bolts, but since I installed my Bies fence, I just have the steel supports clamped in place.

    In any event, you can follow the plans down to the mounting system. For the solid wings, you should drill a hole under the wings and tap to accept bolts.


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      Think you will find that many of the outfeed table plans can be adapted for your saw. The only drawback to a hinged table will be it will take up more footprint room since the stationary section will have to project past the motor and have a cut-out for the guard, but still have room to remove and replace the guard----that could make it a little difficult.

      I have a saw, similar to the 3612 and I'm planning one that mounts on the back rail of my Biese' fence and has to rear legs, but can be easily removed and folded up. That way there's nothing in my way for moving the guard or accessing the motor or under the saw table. Look at your fence rail and see what can be done. The other popular method is to have sliding supports coming out from under the wings on both sides of the saw base.


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        I hadn't thought about the footprint issue, so I'm glad you pointed that out. I current have to roll my saw right up against the wall of my garage so that I can squeeze my car in. So, it looks like I would be better of with a removable outfeed table that folds up when not in use.

        As far as a removable table, are you talking about something like the Rockler table here?
        Rockler outfeed table

        Thanks again for all help.