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  • 20% Adjustment - No Problemo!

    I purchased a total of 6 Ridgid tools in two weekends back in October (18v X2, 6" ROS, Angle Grinder, Jig Saw, Circular Saw, Corded Drill) to upgrade some of my other tools.
    Today I collected my receipts and drove on over to the Home Depot (Northern Coors location for you fellow Albuquerqueans) to get my 20% adjustment.
    I went straight to customer service and started telling the fellow behind the counter what I needed and he directed me to the Returns desk. I went and spoke with the lady working the returns desk, and she imediately replied, "Yep, you've got a 90 day return on those tools." She rang up returns for both of my reciepts and recharged my card with the sale prices. She even retained the 10% new card discount we received when I had my wife sign up for her own card, and because it's considered a new purchase after the return, my 12 month same as cash period has been reset to day one.
    Took me about 10 minutes to save about $160.

    I've had nothing but positive experiences with the Home Depots here in Albuquerque. I bounce between the two locations on Coors (depending on what side of town I'm on) and the I-25 location. There is another one up in the Four Hills area, but I rarely find myself over there.

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    I have to give kudos to Home Depot here in Winnipeg (Canada).

    I bought my 3 piece a month ago. I would have bought the 4 piece, but they were out of stock and the salesman could not guarantee me that I would be able to get one when they came in (he said there were 8 people in line and they were only slated to get 8. He offered to put me on the list, though. I figured I would get the 3 piece just to be safe....never really needed a recip saw before.

    Anyways, I got the package, and brought it home and played with it for a day, but noticed that the chuck was offcenter. Brought it back and after a 5 minute conversation, I was given a new drill, and asked to test it first. I gave my approval, and left.

    So I was quite content. I went to HD the other day and noticed that the set was marked down $50.00. I decided to research HD's policies before acting, and went home. I didn't find anything online (on the Canadian site), so I called and was told if I brought my receipt in, I would have the price adjusted.

    I did come in, and talked with one of the Return reps, and she explained to me that she would treat it as a return and then a purchase (at the current price). She asked for my HD card, swiped it and informed me that the price was, for that day, another $50.00 lower. So, I got over $100.00 (considering tax) back.

    I am both impressed with Ridgid tools and Home Depot. It is unfortunate that HD does not have a similar forum as I would have posted the same comments there.

    I now have an odd affliction concerning the colour "off orange". I find myself drooling. If only I were rich.