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    Even tho I had purchased the ridgid 18v x2 cordless drill a couple of days ago, I decided to continue searching the 18 volt market. Having checked the 18 volt makita and bosch I wasn't able to part with the ridgid. It's a much more finished looking drill, has a warranty no one else can touch, has a ton of power, so as my post says, the search is over. The best part is, that if during the 1st 90 days I'm not satisfied with it's performance I can still return it. For those doubters,spend some time handling the drills

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    You're right I didn't mention the Dewalt. A week before I got the Ridgid I puchased a 14.4 half inch newly redesidged dewalt. Crummy charger, gear selector hangs (requiring that you bump the trigger to move into the next gear) and for all that research and quality, you better hope that it doesn't quit after a year. The confidence a company has in it's product is usually relected in it's warranty.


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      Nice return...

      Where are the stats on R&D $$ and jobsite down-time by brand available? I know many here would be interested.

      I don't think jobs depend on the brand of tool you select, given that a professional will generally choose with the range of what works. That generally leaves him with a choice of 5-6+ commonly available cordless brands.

      If all goes well at the macro-corporate level, the "soft orange" brand will be here to stay. X2 appears to be one of the best values available. No one makes the best of everything, but you can feel quality. And yes, they are new, so buy one and trash it (why not, it's a lifetime warranty?).

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