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Beisemeyer or Vega for my old crafts tblsaw?

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  • Beisemeyer or Vega for my old crafts tblsaw?

    I have been looking at several different aftermarket fences
    for my old craftsmen tablesaw and have narrowed it
    down to either the Beis. or the Vega 50. I realize that the
    Beis has the edge in reputation but the Vega is a little less
    expensive and as a micro adjustment that the Beis doesnt
    have. Has anyone used or have either of these two?

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    Hi Razman - I've used both and think both are great fences. The micro adjust is nice feature that works well on the Vega. You're not going to use the Biese reputation, but I bet you'll use the save some money and enjoy your new fence.


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      Razman, Try the incra fence. It is hands down the most accurate fence on the market.


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        Mojo, I looked at the Incra and have heard rave reviews
        about it, but to be honest it looks kind of confusing.


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          Incra is a great fence. I don't know if I'd say most accurate. Bies will square up as good as any. I would say most repeatable b/c of micro adjustments available beyond comprehension.. LOL

          I sidestepped looking at one primarily b/c I would rather have 50" rip capacity than 30" rip capacity with 20 inches of Incra hangin off the back. Besides, I like having my extra tablespace available when I'm using saw. The Incra takes up space to right of fence so you don't really have access to extra table.