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will Herc-U-Lift Plus work with Ridgid jointer?

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  • will Herc-U-Lift Plus work with Ridgid jointer?


    Has anyone gotten the Herc-U-Lift Plus to work with the Ridgid 6" jointer (JP0610)? I've seen some messages that say it should work and some that say it probably won't work, but I'd like to hear from someone with actual first-hand experience. The Herc-U-Lift Plus manual says that it will work with the Ridgid bandsaw, which it claims is 17" on the narrower side. How narrow is the front to back dimension of the jointer? If you've got this set up, is it reasonably stable? Thanks,


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    No it won't work with the JP0610. The leg stand on the JP is to narrow from from to back making for an unstable center of balance.
    I bought the Shop Fox Metal Roll Away frame from There is another pretty popular one made by HTC that is pretty econmical and it seems to get the job done.
    Check out this guy's web site-this is where I got the idea web page


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      I put mine on a peice of 3/4 ply with locking casters. This accomplished 2 things. 1. I can move it around quite easily, and 2. It raises the machine up to a more comfortable working hieght.

      My dust collection is just shop vacs. I mounted a shop vac onto the plywood behind the jointer. Now the switch for the vac is right by the switch for the jointer.



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        i built a box out ot 2x4's sitting flat on the 2" side and then put two 2x4's horizontal under the feet of the jointer. put 2" casters on it, 2 that swivel and 2 that run back and forth. then i leveled it according to the slab it was sitting on. Now i can roll it around AND it is just the right height.

        My biggest problem is that i can not get comfortable with those push blocks while smoothing one face of the board. When i joint the end's i dont mind using my hands because they are at least 5-6" from the blade. but when flattening one face, i cant seem to get the hang of the push blocks. What i usually do is crosscut my board about 2-3" too long and put most of the downward pressure on the outfeed while pushing with the push guide from my table saw used for ripping. this allows me to flatten what i need and crosscut the snipe that sometimes results from that uneven pressure. I know it is an acquired technique, and i have not given up on using the push blocks, but when using cheap wood, i don't worry so much about the waste from the sniped piece. But I just found out SANTA brought a Dewalt DW-734 12 1/2" 3 knife thickness planer for Christmas so i better get good at this jointer thing really quick.

        I don't mind edge jointing with my hands far enough away from the blade, but that face is too close for comfort! I'm crazy, but not stupid

        happy holidays to all