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    To clarify, there is no way I can hold the Ridgid in 1st gear. Way too powerful. What I did was put the drill in 2nd, hold the chuck (clutch on the drill setting), and gradually pull the trigger all the way. Not too hard to do on any 12v drill, really.


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      "To clarify, there is no way I can hold the Ridgid in 1st gear."

      You need to pump-up, you girly mon'

      I can hold a 14.4X2 at everything but first gear set to 20 with a fresh battery. Fortunatly the DeWalts arnt any stronger and the Sears are much weaker.

      Sounds like we could have some new olympic event, "next up in the heavyweight drill hammer stalling event" lol


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        I should also say that I performed the stall & smoke test on a battery that was brand new and charged for 20 minutes or so.

        Today I took a battery out of the charger after a good one hour charge. I did the same same test in 2nd gear. Expecting the same results, I grabbed the chuck and pulled the trigger. The darn thing practically took the palm of my hand off - with no smoking. I still have a burn there.

        Looks like the only thing that's smoking now is my hand. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

        By the way, I have driven a fair number of 3.5 inch deck screws and the drill feels solid. It can easily snap the screw or drive it right through a 2 x 6.