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    Does anyone have any experience with ridgid af3000. I walked in my local HD today to get some supplies and saw a couple of these gray box filtration systems and the TS3612 in the over head.

    [ 09-22-2004, 05:23 PM: Message edited by: Tim_ber ]

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    The TS3612s were going for $194. If that is still the price, I would grab it.


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      Anybody know what the HD SKU on the AF3000 is. I forgot about them and would like to try to find one in may area.
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        The sku is no longer active in any stores as you may or may not know in HD when a product goes on clearance it goes through a process and then it drops out the system so even if you know the sku it will come up as "not on file" when you enter the sku. like I said at the top of this tread I was just walking around my local HD and saw the AF3000 in the over head, the manager gave it to me for $50.00 . Not much is said about it on this forum. someone on here mentioned making your own, but for 50. I could not pass it up.


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          The sku will stay in HD system for up to a year, maybe longer, so the price can be found by pulling up the old ridgid vendor number. If it is on clearance, which all the old grey stuff is, it should still ring up.


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            Ridgid REP
            I have to Totally disagree with you

            The Sku doesn't stay active in the system. once it drops off the deletion (empasis on deletion) warning report you can no longer pull up that sku for a regular item check. the only way you can pull that sku is if you do a "remote sku look up" at this point it brings up the sku but if you try to do a price check the system show the sku as "not on file" or N/A for all the sourround sister stores. The only way you can get a price on an item is if the item is clearance out in one region and active in another. you have to enter a specfic store from that region in this case the system will give you a price. In the case of the ridgid this is a company wide clearance so no store have the sku active once it drop off the deletion warning report.

            However you can check the last selling price on a deleted item but at this point a universal clearance sku for that particular dept is used to ring up the item.