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  • Airco

    Hi all. I was just looking at a Rona Flyer and they have these "Airco" Tools Available. They are really inexpensive and I can't really see any fault in them but I'm not too sure. They might be crap, they might not be crap...hard to tell.

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    Whats a Rona Flyer?
    Teach your kids about 30 percent of their ice cream.


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      Sorry if I was vague in my post Dave. Down here (Toronto, Ontario,Canada) we have several large stores that are basic carbon copies of HD retailers. There is Rona, the how to people they call themselves and the Building Box. I'm sure there are others but for now there's these two. They have basically the same tools that the others offer and then they have their own brands that they sell at a discount although the specs on the tools that they sell are basically the same as the competitor they may break down on you after a couple of days as they have no track record of durablility or toughness as a product should have. I have the flyer which is a pamphlet of products, like a mini catalogue of what they have in stock. They (Rona) have Dewalt, Skil, Makita, PC, Delta, Dremel and a whole range of small hand tools for basically everything you might need them for.


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        I guess I shoulda sorta figured that out, huh? It's been one of those brain dead kinda days all day long. [img]redface.gif[/img] I'm not familiar with the Airco line of tools but if they are really inexpensive I guess I'd be a little leery about investing too much in them. Maybe buy one and if it turns out OK you could buy more. My guess is they're just another line of cheap China imports.
        Teach your kids about 30 percent of their ice cream.


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          Airco is a very cheap Rona brand like the Jobmate Canadian Tire sells. If you think Ryobi is cheap, you ain't seen nothing yet...

          Reminds me of a popular Russian saying;

          "I'm not so rich that I can afford to buy cheap things"


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            Thanks for the heads up guys. I need to pick up a Shop Vac tomorrow after payday and I was wondering, the Ridgid 3.5 HP model is beibg sold down here at the HD for $89.95 CDN. Just wondering wha the price down there is and if it's a comparable price and if the quality is any good.



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              Yeah I was speaking with a HD guy last night and he was saying moderately bad things about Airco. No too sure if he hates Rona or if they have a standing opinion on Rona products that they make their employees quote when asked.