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"Hey, Can I borrow your tools?"

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    it seems most of us, or if not all, has really some bad experiences in lending out tools in the past..


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      I don't mind lending a tool to a buddy for the weekend to putter around the house with or fix something up.

      But recently a friend has started making cabinets for people on weekends and evenings, the only problem being he needs my compressor and nailers to do it. I told him - maybe jokingly, maybe not??? - I wanted 50% of the profit if he was using my stuff to make money.

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        i haven't had the chance to lend out my tools yet but i don't think i would lend them out anyways. i am really fussy about my tools so i would have to accoompany them. the only person i let use my tools unsupervised is my dad because i know that he knows what hes doing and i've borrowed his tools so many times =P
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          Would very hesitantly let them use them under your supervision, especially if they haven't used that type tool before.
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