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"Hey, Can I borrow your tools?"

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  • "Hey, Can I borrow your tools?"

    Boy do I hate hearing that from people,
    How do you go about handling situations like
    this? If it's my FAMILY asking me I don't mind but when
    someone other than a true buddy or family person ask you
    what do you say? "no bug off" or "get your own"
    Like to hear your input.


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    I don't really have any set in stone rules about lending out my tools. I prefer not to lend out my tools but I look at each request on its own merits. Family members usually get preferred treatment but not always as I've got some friends that I would trust my tools with alot more than some of my relatives.
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      Same answer for everyone- HELL NO!!
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        I just tell them if they need this tool now, chances are they will need it again. Just go out and buy one of your own. If it is a tool that I have, but rarely use, chances are they are never going to use it again. I tell them to bring it to the shop and I will either do it for them or supervise them using MY tool. My tools are my favorite toys and they never leave the house unsupervised by ME.



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          It depends. If it is on a job site where I know the other tradesmen and know they have their own tools and can use them properly then generally speaking the answer is yes. There will come a time when my drill or band saw or some other tool is a fifteen minute round trip walk and I only need to make two or three cuts and know they will respond in kind.

          If I am working with folks I do not know or do not like then the answer is almost always no.

          Close family has always been yes, more distant family and neighbors is only with my supervision.
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            I've had the disappointment of lending my tools on a few occasions. In every case, the tool has been returned only after a long period and only after I've had to ask several times. Each time, the tools has been returned dirty and in significantly "used" condition as compared to when they were borrowed. Router bits burned, sanding belts used up and not replaced etc. The borrowers were either very close relatives or very good friends; but no one seems to have the manners or respect to return what they've borrowed or even attempt to clean it up or replace the consumables.

            So now the policy is a simple, "Sorry, I don't lend tools!" If they want a hand, I'll bring my tools, but I've learned my lesson with regard to lending anything.



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              Through the years I have acquired a number of second rate tools. I might have forgotten my drill and it is faster to run to a local K-Mart and pick one up for $20.00 than drive home and get my good one. When someone asks to borrow my tools they get the inexpensive ones - family included. I have learned my lesson by having a chainsaw retuned where no oil was mixed with the gas and my pressure washer returned filthy and the pump blown out. No one operates stationary power tools in my shop without me standing there.


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                There is a very short list of people that get to borrow any of my tools and they all know the rules, break it - fix or replace, wear out a usage part (bit, blade, etc) replace it. These people also happen to have tools that I may borrow on occasion. I find relatives the worst, I lent a router to my uncle once and it was gone so long I bought a new one!
                Most times I come with my tools or the requesters come to me.


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                  I do the same as Tom. I have kept all of my old tools and those are the only ones I will loan out and then it is to freinds not family. If family asks, I just grab the tools and say lets go!
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                    My tools are for pleasure and I don't mind loaning those that are portable to family and friends provided they know what they're doing. If it's a particularly expensive and complex tool, I might decline. With stationary tools, I invite them over to work with me...some know what there doing and it's just a matter of making the shop accessible to them. Others need me to actually do it for them.

                    If I made my living with my tools, I think the answer would be a definitive no for obvious reasons.


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                      I am sure I am young and foolish, but I have completely the opposite philosophy.

                      I knew a gentleman at church a couple of years ago, when I was finishing college, that liked to say that it's always good to buy tools because then you can loan them out when people need them.

                      I know that, still starting out, there have been many times that a borrowed tool was a lifesaver. I have also had many opportunities to return the favor, as my tool collection grows.

                      Now, of course, I wouldn't loan one to someone that I didn't know reasonably well, and I have pretty strict rules concerning safety. And if someone ever harms one of my tools, or just takes too long to return it, I'll definately be less likely to repeat.

                      Anyhow, like I said I am probably young and foolish. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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                        I simply don't loan tools, well, maybe to my brother, but that's it. I'll offer my help using my tools if it's not a large ordeal. Otherwise, my investment and knowledge can be rented for a nominal fee.

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                          It is good to see you posting as of late, is it safe to assume you conquered your illness?



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                            No, just the oposite is a matter of fact. However, issues that formed my absence has passed and forgotten, so I will contribute when I can.

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                              Everyone knows that some people are funny about their tools. I'm one of those people.