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TS3650 assembly

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  • TS3650 assembly

    Spent two nights assemblying the 3650. The operators manual left a lot to be desired! Cryptic instructions at best. Am I crazy or are the bolts metric? 7/16 too small 1/2 too large, had to use adjustable wrench (knuckle buster). Out of box, saw performed great! Little if any vibration. Ripped 3/4 MDF panels perfectly. Would like a little stiffer platform for the weight of saw. It doesn't look like Rigid is going to provide the additional leg panels.

    Overall, I am pleased compared to using a twenty year old Craftsman contractor's saw for the last five years.

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    Hey FR,
    Welcome to our little forum and congratulations on your new 3650. [img]smile.gif[/img]
    If you don't like the Ridgid manual, you're in for a real treat with some of the other ones. Concensus is that while the Ridgid manual is not perfect, it is by far better than most others.
    The nuts and bolts are all perfect American sizes, so to answer your question, yes, you must be crazy. Actually they are a mix of standard and metric and they drive everyone nuts!
    You say you would like a stiffer platform? I hope you're not saying it flexes when you twist it! (private joke - do a search on "leg flex" and you'll see what I mean. (Hi Dave)
    Again welcome, and enjoy your new saw.
    "Did you put the yellow key in the switch?" TOD 01/09/06


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      Welcome FR, I have the 3650 and am happy with it!
      As Lorax mentioned do a search and you will find alot of dicussion on 3650. Alot of good tips if you have any questions. I would say the manual is one of the better ones I've seen. As for leg flex I have none and can't see a problem with it even after adding outfeed table and accessories. As for the hardware liked the packaging but I think somewhere on the boat coming from tiawan some started converting to American standard. Yes it is a mix can't guess why(leave that for Ridgid to answer) Good luck & hope your dusting the place up real nice, Rick.