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Tablesaws: TS 3612 vs 3650

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  • Tablesaws: TS 3612 vs 3650

    Hi to this forum.

    Have a question for you Ridgid TS owners. Considering the purchase of a "$600-ish" table saw. Home Depot has the 3612 with the finger-pinching wings on the floor priced at $599. I checked the Ridgid website, and they don't even show that model of saw. However they DO have the 3650 which can be special ordered at HD for $579. At first glance, it looks like the 3650 is more saw, given that it has cast steel wings.

    Can anyone shed any light or comparison between the two? I am a little confused as to why the Ridgid site doesn't recognize the 3612.

    Any info would be helpful. I'm weighing the Ridgids vs the Delta 36-650, which goes for $500 at Lowes. Just bought the Delta 300 model at Lowes and am going to return it (to light of a saw for my needs).

    Thanks folks...prompt replies appreciated.


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    Airbus Driver- The 3612 is discontinued. I've owned that "finger-pinching" version of the TS for about a year and a half, and am very happy with it. Besides the improved cast-iron wings (and the color), the only real difference between the two is the motor- Emerson on the 3612, Chinese motor on the new model. Get a hold of the Hardware Department Head or an Asst. Mgr. at the HD with the discontinued model, and see if they won't cut you a deal. At my local HD, the Dept. Head just offered me 30% off on the discontinue 13" Planer- you ought to be able to get a similar deal. They've probably lost the manual and maybe the blade wrenches, too, but you can get those replaced by Ridgid at no cost. You'll have a lifetime warranty, too, so unless you really don't like the open wings, I'd give it a thumbs-up. Just remembered something else- the $500 Delta you mentioned has sheet metal wings, doesn't it?

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      That "finger pinching" label seems to be something like an urban legend. From what I can gather, it was said once by a magazine tool reviewer as a possibility, and its been continually repeated from there. However, no one has ever come forward and said "yes, I have pinched my fingers in an open web table extention". Many Home Depots cleared out the TS3612 for around $469. I'd use that as a target price in your negotiations.

      If I had a choice between the TS3612 and the TS3650, I'd go with the TS3612. The TS3650 is still too new for my comfort.



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        I'd also go with the 3612 because thats the one I have and I couldn't be happier. You also can't go wrong with the 3650 either. Feature for feature the 3612 and the 3650 are, IMHO, offer the best bang for your $600.
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          Paul M. said - ["However, no one has ever come forward and said "yes, I have pinched my fingers in an open web table extention"."]

          Paul, I hate to bust you like this, but the above statement is absolutely not true. Most defenders of the webbed wings say they've never pinched a finger, but I've read posts from several that have. I believe it's a minority and that the issue may be overblown, but It's been done. Maybe you meant to say that "you haven't read about it yet"....

          Like many features on a tool, it's a matter of preference. While my preference is for solid cast iron, the right offer would probably change my mind. I've heard of people filling the webs in with wood or epoxy.


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            I've been wondering how much Ridgid/OWT would charge for a set of those new solid wings????


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              brantstx - Can't answer your specific question, but most contractor saws are 27" deep and many will accommodate wings from other manufacturers....not always a direct plug-in, but cast iron drills nicely.

              Most ci wings run in the neighborhood of $70 each.