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  • Blades Covered?

    Am I to assume by this quote from the Ridgid Limited Lifetime Service Agreement that they will actually replace the blade on my 18V CS when it dulls or is the intent to just cover a defective blade?

    “All of these tools come with the RIDGID® Limited Lifetime Service Agreement, which means free service and free parts – like O-rings, blades and bumpers – for the life of the original owner.”

    Link to entire agreement:

    Thanks for any input


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    I doubt very much if the Lifetime Service Agreement will replace your saw blade when it gets dull. They don't replace batteries when all they need to be is recharged.

    It does raise an interesting question about blade replacement though. If the OEM blade is worn to the point that it won't take any more resharpenings will they give you a new one? Then again, why would anyone want to resharpen or receive a new replacement OEM blade in the first place? I say that from the perspective of woodworking and not carpentry.
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      That is a good point by both. I agree that the BS and TS OEM blades are pretty much POS but there is the jointer and planer, even the blade that came with my 6.5" 18V circ saw was actually decent but I bet the blade warranty would have been void when I cleaned half the teeth off on a hidden nail [img]redface.gif[/img]