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Ridgid Saved Christmas

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  • Ridgid Saved Christmas

    Now I know your all thinking about a hugh pile of Orange tools under your Christmas tree. Thats not my story, but it has to do with orange tools, Christmas and a Big tree.

    Yesterday after a wonderfull Christmas with all the family over for brunch everyone was leaving to go to Christmas dinner at our family friends house. But my wife, our 17 month old daughter and I decided to spend a relaxing night at home, as we had two really busy days already. Then not 10 mins after my mom and dad had left my dad was back soaking wet saying something about getting a hand saw and helping him get a tree out of the road. He told me their was a big tree blocking the road and they almost hit it, he had left my mom their with a flash light to stop anyone else from hitting the tree. He said the tree was about 7" thick and he couldn't move it by himself as it was huge and uprooted.

    So without a second thought I grabbed my Ridgid combo kit, popped a 12" wreaking blade in the sawzall thru some spare batteries in my Jacket pockets and hopped in the car. We get down to where the tree is and its an about 30-40 ' tall and 6-7" in diameter. I start cutting like I'm weilding a chainsaw, and in no time its cut in two pieces, then I have to tackle a 8" thick cut down by the root ball, I switch batteries halfway thru and its done, the road is clear, and my folks, and the few cars waiting are back on their way to Christmas dinner.

    This will be a Christmas that won't be forgot and will be remembered as an Orange Christmas. Thanks Ridgid for some great tools.

    Merry Christmas everyone,

    Ryan and Family

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    Some very fine Reading!

    Thank You Kindly Ryan!
    John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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      Neat read there buddy ..... thanks for sharing [img]smile.gif[/img]
      Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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        I bet Ridgid would be interested in making your story into a commercial.

        Great job! Too bad everyone isn't as willing to fix a problem like you were.



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          Ryan, you are the man!!!


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            I'm glad everyone enjoyed my story. Marcus your right it would make a good comercial [img]smile.gif[/img] , and as people helping you are right, my folks could of just as easily turned around and took another street around the fallen tree, but I'd like to think that anyone would have done the same thing in the situation. I know that is probably not the case, but one can hope.

            Hope everyone had a wonderfull Christmas and has a Happy New Year,