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Ridgid jointer fence

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  • Ridgid jointer fence

    The jointer I picked up last week at the closeout price is a really nice piece of equipment. It gives absolutely mirror edges and the fence seems to return to square after moving it to other angles.

    My question, is there a part of the fence just past the knives that actually sits on the bed of the jointer? Mine has a 1-2 " area that sits on the polished cast bed and seems to want to scratch up the bed as the fence get moved for rabbitting, etc. The rest of the fence sits up about 1/8" above the bed. I was wondering if this was the result of imcomplete maching. It looks like that is the design. If it is I will probably put something under the peice of the fence to keep the wear on the bed down to a minimum.

    Jointer is smooth, quiet, and powerful with good dust collection.