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R82015 12V Drill on sale for 69 bucks at HD

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  • R82015 12V Drill on sale for 69 bucks at HD

    I just picked up one of these drills at HD for 69 bucks! Great deal going on. Many of us in another forum have been jumping all over this.

    However, many of us have been reporting a loud clacking / ratcheting noise when releasing the trigger on this drill. Is this normal? I'd like to report back with something concrete on this issue. Anyone?

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    Normal. I had a DeWalt that did the same thing and their tech support said it was caused by the spindle lock engaging. This keeps the chuck from turning when you are loosening or tightening a bit.


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      Thanks very much for the info! I figured that's all it was but it was creating quite a stir among those of us not familiar with this type of drill with the spindle lock.

      Thanks again.



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        us hill billes refer to it as "chuck slap"- other wise normal to hear and you know theres an electric brake at work. Milwaukee and Makita engineering has made it real real quiet. Me I prefer to hear the manliness of a Ridgid or Dewalt XRP clanking.