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    Well i took my drill to the service, the guy said its goona take a week to get the new trigger, and his gonna get 2 new batteries. Sounds good to me, i hope it's true and i'ts only gonna take another week to fixit. Will see.


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      I got my drill back!! The trigger is fixed and i got two new batteries! I have no complains about RIDGID service i think a week is pretty fast, and everything was under warranty!


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        A week? From the dates on your posts, it looks like you got it back in about 3 working days. That sounds like pretty GREAT service to me.

        Saturday, my wife and I took her $2500 sewing computer, they don't call them sewing machines when they cost that much , into the service center to have some minor repairs done to it. We were informed that it would be a minimum of 21 days before we got it back.

        I asked if the long wait was because of a lack of available parts. They said that the parts are stock items but there was just that much of a backlog in repair orders. They also said that its pretty normal for repairs to take that long. It made me wonder if some of the complaints about long repair times on Ridgid tools wasn't due to the fact that maybe some of the service centers are just plain busy. There is one service center here that works on at least 4 different brands of tools. That has got to keep them jumping.
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          It sounds like you were treated very well indeed.
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            Would you mind letting us know which service center you took them to, would like to know incase mine ever needs service


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              I would agree that it's good service---but unless you're calling others liars, there's one guy that it's taken 6 months, AND we also know HD is anything but consistant on policies.

              Hey, when you have good service, that's quite another matter----back in the good ole days, Sears had that kind of reputation. Have a problem with any Sears product---it was either repaired or if it couldn't be repaired or wasn't repaired right the first time, you got a new one. That kept me and many people going to Sears for many decades---until that uniform policy ended.


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                Well, on the Sears point, maybe Canada is different there as well. My 2 year old Kenmore fridge died 2 weeks ago, repair guy was at the house the next day and verified the compressor was dead and that the parts would not be available for an estimated 3 weeks. I called the store and they said come and pick out another one. We picked it out Tues. evening and it arrived Sat morning no charge.


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                  Sure, the service is in Scarborough, Ontario. The place called George Power Tool Servive. They repair all brand of tools. You can check it on, has the phone number to